Mrs. D. E. Norgaard

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Death Date: December 15, 1929
Age at Death: 33


D. Ejnar Norgaard

Burial Details

Cemetery Name: Riverside Cemetery
Cemetery Location: Denver, Colorado
Mortuary Name: Olinger Mortuary


Eagle Valley Enterprise page 1 - December 20, 1929
WOMAN KILLED IN AUTO CRASH IN GLENWOOD CANON. Wife of Ejnar Norgaard Instantly Killed Sunday Morning When Car Plunges into Colorado River--Mr. Norgaard Also Injured in the Accident.
A most terrible accident occurred Sunday morning at about 2 o'clock when the Rickenbacher car, owned and driven by Ejnar NORGAARD of Edwards left the highway and plunged over a mass of large boulders to the river bed below on the state highway in the Glenwood canon.
Mrs. NORGAARD, who was the only other occupant in the car with her husband, was thrown out onto the rocks and wounds inflicted on the head which caused instant death.
Mr. and Mrs. NORGAARD had been to a dance at Cardiff Saturday night and were on the return home when the fatal accident occurred. They had stopped in Glenwood for supper at about 1 o'clock Sunday morning. After eating there they resumed the journey homeward through the canon when a few minutes later came the crash which resulted so disastrously. The accident occurred about a quarter of a mile east of the Shoshone power plant, at a wide place in the road. At the coroner's inquest held in Glenwood Monday Mr. NORGAARD stated that on meeting another car at this point he turned out to pass and when he tried to pull back into the center of the highway his steering gear locked and refused to respond, and the car plunged straight over the edge of the road. The car landed right side up fifteen feet below the road bed. In the plunge over the rough rocks, both Mr. and Mrs. NORGAARD were thrown from the car. He was stunned in the fall and severely cut about the head and arms by broken glass. When he recovered from the shock he picked up the body of his wife, only to find her already dead. After carrying his wife to the top of the embankment Mr. NORGAARD walked back to the power plant in the canon, from where aid was called for from Glenwood Springs. Mrs. NORGAARD's body was removed to the Farnum mortuary and her husband was cared for at the Hopkins hospital. He received several severe wounds and contusions from which he would have undoubtedly bled to death except that he was cared for immediately.
An autopsy held over the dead woman's body Monday developed that not only was the neck broke, but there were wounds on either side of the head just back of the ears, either one of which would cause almost instant death, so it was stated.
The body has been taken to Denver for cremation, accompanied by the bereaved husband and her mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. George STATHERS of Grand Junction. Mrs. NORGAARD was a sister of Mrs. Marjorie De REMER of Denver, whose mother-in-law, Mrs. Anna De REMER was killed in a similar accident on the state highway east of Wolcott two years ago. Mrs. NORGAARD leaves a sixteen months old daughter, Donna Dee. She and Mr. NORGAARD had been married about three years.
Unknown - December 18, 1929